Why It’s Better To Watch Movies At Home Instead

Why It’s Better To Watch Movies At Home Instead

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“Going to the movies” is a gesture that people refer to in going to theatre places. These places are where the newest movies are featured. It’s often the place for dates, for killing time and for people that just want to have a good time. A movie house or movie theatre, whatever you call it is an old concept.

Its an old concept but that is the only thing that’s old nowadays. With the emergence of great sound systems, audio and visual discoveries that enhances a movie experience just made a cinema a very cool and fun place to go. And people would even say that with all these movie magics going on, that it made having superhero movies now possible and makes going to the movies even better. But regardless of the enhancements, movie theaters still lacks something.

Past movies aren’t aired: All people can agree that not all movies are great and as much as people want to view past but good movies, they can’t because a movie theatre most of the time only caters to new movies and nothing more. So no matter how much you want to watch the first Iron Man movie on the screen, you can’t.

No playback option for movies: If you’re in a call while in the middle of watching and you just happen to miss the best part, then you missed it. This is one of the downsides of cinemas, as much as you want to rewind the movie but you can’t and even if they can, there are a few hundred people that will be mad at you for opening your big mouth and ruin the movie for them.

Cinema movies lack food options: Maybe you like a medium rare rib eye with butter on the top and a mashed potato for a side while enjoying your favorite movie. That might be over the top crazy but if your selections are down to fries, popcorn, nachos and hotdogs in various flavors, you would kill to have a nice steak right then and there and eat some proper meal inside the cinema.

Uncomfortable seats: The seats are one size fits all, movie theatres can’t give you a lazy boy for your aching back. They give you this movie seats that are like these tight airline seats and even airline seats are better since you can move it.

Can’t shout bomb in a movie house: It’s illegal to shout bomb and can get you arrested, but can you help it if your favorite character in the movie will be hit by a bomb and if you don’t shout bomb they will probably die. Yeah, it’s stupid but there are times when you’re so caught up in a movie that you just want to shout bomb to save a characters life even if their fate was already sealed.

Limited to movies only: Surely many people would wish the battle of the bastards from Game of Thrones season 6 finale would receive a cinema status, but sadly HBO never figured that out. It’s those moments that you want to see Jon Snow kick Ramsey in the shins on the big screen, but there’s an unwritten law about that, so sorry.

Well, you don’t need to think about the what-ifs if a classic movie can be in the big screen or not, play it back whenever you fancy a scene, no need to suffer from eating the same flavored popcorn over and over again, you can definitely shout BOMB! And you can watch any movies as you like. You can achieve all that if you buy the Odyssey cinema RT-90 theatre system. This home theatre system can make your home like a movie theatre so that you don’t have to suffer going to movie houses just to watch a movie.

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