Three ways of using video platforms to promote your start-up/business

Three ways of using video platforms to promote your start-up/business

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We are all well aware that video content is the present and future of digital media for the years to come. Video content is consumed the most. What with all the major players who, traditionally were not video platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, stepping into the world of video creation and sharing this is the obvious next step in business promotion. But only showing advertisements on these platforms cannot be enough. Especiallywith so many options to skip ads like of course the ‘skip ad’ button or the ad-blockers, it is difficult to promote businesses through ads.

So, how then can we make use of the various platforms and audiences available through social media to promote our businesses? I could think of the following three ways to achieve it.

  1. Content

One of the ways to get noticed on any social media platform is through strong content. The content is what will hook the audience and in turn make them return for more. Businesses or start-ups can create strong content around their business that strikes a chord with the audience. Content that is emotional and touches the sentiments of people has a greater chance of staying with the person and also being shared. This leads to the videos being viral.

hindi comedy videos can be a tremendous source to help market your start-up. There are a lot of ways to create video content on video platforms. Short films or video blogs aka vlogs can be created and shared across video platforms. There are a lot of video content creators on various platforms who help create original content. They can be approached to help you with the content and video creation. The only thing you will have to do is promote your video by sharing them across all video platforms.

  1. Influencers

Collaborating with influencers can be a very lucrative deal. An Influencer is basically anyone who is active on social media and enjoys a great amount of following. The reach that your video will have depends vastly on how you can convince these social media “stars” to promote your business. Barter works a great deal in achieving this. A little give and take never harms anyone.Every influencer wants publicity. You can just follow them on all their pages and share any video on their page that you feel will connect with your followers and of course tag them while doing so.

Sharing content and giving feedback or leaving comments are small things but can help in forming a bond for you to work collaboratively in the future.

If you are an app owner, you can ask an influencer from a popular app-review channel to review your app. This will help you reach the right set of audience for your business. The awareness about your start-up/business increases and it also reaches a wide audience.

  1. Increase subscriber-base

The more people you reach the more your business will be talked about. If you have channels of your business on all major video platforms then you have achieved only one part of promoting your business. The other most important part is to increase your subscribers. Increasing your followers/subscribers will help increase your brand reach.

There are no shortcuts when it comes to increasing your subscribers. You have to promote your channel like crazy. You cannot shy away from it. Plan on how you would achieve it and start doing it. Promote your content to start getting traction. Once this is achieved your followers and subscribers will also increase.

Consistently adding content goes a long way when you want to increase your following. Make a publishing schedule and stick to it. When people are aware that there is new content on the channel regularly they tend to come back for more. Also, spread out on all video platforms. You never know which one will work for you.

In this age of fast-everything and the ever decreasing attention-spans, short and to-the-point content is everything. If your video is about giving some information, start with it at once. Don’t waste valuable seconds in giving some introduction.

Promote your channel through the various socialmedia platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even on forums related to your business. Add comments everywhere and promote your content.

There are a lot of ways to use video platforms to your advantage when promoting your start-ups. These are the 3 ways that I feel are the most important.

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