Here’s How You Can Order Pecan Pies For Your Next Party!

Here’s How You Can Order Pecan Pies For Your Next Party!

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Planning an event is always chaotic and confusing, and as a host, you have to take care of many things, including the food. While you can always cook some of your secret recipes, it’s wise to get a few things from the expert chefs. If you want to order pecan pies, there are a bunch of services that can offer delivery services. However, there are a few things to note.

  • Always insist on extra pecans. Well, the taste of a pecan pie depends on the choice of pecans. Talk to the delivery service to know the kind of pecans they are using for the recipe, and if possible, insist of using fresh pecans.

  • Order one initially. Just like you would opt for food tasting before selecting a caterer, taste your pies before placing a big order. Check with the baker/delivery service to know if they can deliver one for tasting.
  • Ask about their suppliers. A fresh pie is made with fresh ingredients, and you should ask the baker to use fresh farm eggs, orange zest and other ingredients. You can even enquire and ask about their recipe.
  • Find about delivery. If you intend to gift a few pecan pies, consider asking the delivery service about packaging. You may want to know if the packing is decent enough and can be customized for gifting.

  • Shelf-life is important. Fresh pecan pies can stay in your fridge for at least two months, while at room temperature, you can store them for about three weeks. Usually, pies are served hot, check the reheating instructions, which must be mentioned in detail on the tin container.
  • Order period is important. Usually, small orders are accepted on the same day, but if you need more, it is always best to book in advance, especially ahead of holidays and weekends. Most caterers accept bookings against a small advance.

  • Check for discounts. For big events and special orders, you might get a discount. Talk to the caterer or delivery service to know the best offer they have.

You can check online to find caterers and delivery services in your area. Since most private events require BBQ items and other ready-to-serve items, find one that has a good number of options in the menu. This allows you to place a complete delivery order next time you don’t feel like cooking for guests over the weekend.

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